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Anger escalates in any system that does not tell the truth.

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You have 2 choices.

  1. Quit your job and find something else to do in the firm belief that it is this place that is the problem and that somewhere-else is the solution.
  2. Quit the way you currently approach your job and try something else with the recognition that it might not be this place but your beliefs or attitudes that are the problem.
  3. Do nothing and wait for the job fairy to fly into your home office and…

Too many rules.

Do you notice what you notice?

You are not your job. Your job is not your life.

You will never know.

My thoughts on being human.

The subtle leadership skill that makes a huge difference

A Celebration of our Connection

All of us are creatures of a day; the rememberer and the remembered alike. — Marcus Aurelius

Scott Mabry

Make the world a better workplace. @scottamabry

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