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Your Angry Organization

Anger escalates in any system that does not tell the truth.

The problem isn’t what we say.

It’s what we don’t say.

The problem isn’t what we do.

It’s what we don’t do.

Everyone is angry.

And everyone is nice.

Very nice.

Too nice.

Which leads to…


There is an undercurrent.

Everyone feels it.

But no one talks about it.

An organizational cognitive dissonance.

What we say isn’t what we think.

Or even what we believe.

This creates…








When organizations choose loyalty over honesty — anger forms under the surface. Problems get buried. Decisions directed by group-think lead to unexpected destinations.

When anger sits unspoken and unaddressed for too long it turns to resentment, resentment to frustration, to apathy, to disengagement, and ultimately to departure.

The cure isn’t telling people to speak up.

It’s safety.

And how can I feel safe unless…

I feel like I can still belong.

Even if I disagree.

I feel safe when…

I know you and you know me.

And I believe we both have good intentions.

This place feels safe when…

There is a shared humility.

We know we aren’t perfect.

We don’t always get the values right.

Or the culture right.

Or the strategy right.

And when we make mistakes.

We can talk about it.

Sometimes argue about it.

And change together.

Let’s make the world a better workplace.

Make the world a better workplace. @scottamabry

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